Registered: ​21st August 1972
Duration: 22 minutes
Feet: 1980 feet
Board of Trade Certificate number: ​​​​​​​​BR/E36367/27/8/77
Produced for : United Artists
Production Company: ​​​​​​Harold Baim Motion Picture Productions Limited

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York is an ancient city with an eye to the future. The old Roman capital is still locked behind its walls and the famous cathedral, York Minster, is a favourite with tourists. It is a place steeped in history and whilst its outlook is to the next century it retains the atmosphere of its ancient heritage.

Title and Credits:
Valentine Dyall Tells You About A City Where The Past is Ever Present ... 

Narrator: Valentine Dyall
Filmed in Eastmancolor by: Harry Orchard
Music: De Wolfe
Editor: Peter Elliott
Sound Recordists: Chris Fellows, Malcolm Bristow
Advisors: ​Richard Afton, A. Clarke Dunn, John Brown, Major C.F. Wilson MBE
Processed by: ​Rank Laboratories, Denham, England
Produced by: Harold Baim
Directed by: Michael G Baim


Air display by four (training?) fighter jets in formation against light cloudy sky
Military marching band in dark blue dress uniform with white helmets enters show ground     

Military marching band in grey uniform enters show ground     

Military marching band in Red dress uniforms and white helmets enter show ground    

Camouflaged six wheel armoured vehicle (Alvis Saladin)    

Royal Navy Helicopter lands in show ground     

Military horses at speed across show ground as riders spear targets on ground    

Military display motorcycles with driver and passenger spear ground target at speed    

Military display motorcycle team    

Motor cycles display team reside through fire     

Motor cycle ridden by rider on a ladder     

Six motor cycles carry 21 person pyramid     

Military bands play in front of display ‘castle’ for 1000th anniversary of York     


River Ouse    

River bank with parkland trees    

Swans in River    

River bank in countryside     

Castellated Walls of City of York    

Statues on the City walls     

Ornamental gardens under Walkways on Wall    

View of York Minster from Walls   

Traffic drive though medieval gateways     


Image of Guy Fawkes and conspirators     

Ancient book records birth and baptism of Guy Fawkes    

Saint Peters school     

Sign: Youngs Hotel. The birthplace of Guy Fawkes 1570    

Grave.  Headstone marked Richard Turpin    

Street Signs: Tanners Moat; Swinegate; Jubbers Gate; GillyGate    

Cobbled Street    

Sign: Pavement; Finkle Street; Piccadilly; Ogleforth; Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate;     

Mansion House exterior     

Merchant Adventurer’s Hall    

Exterior wooden gargoyle     

Ruins of Roman Emperor Constantine    

Medieval defence ruins preserved    

Ruin of Benedictine Abbey. St Mary’s in York     

Clifford’s Tower    

Religious figures in Black Robes walk amongst the ruins    

Byland Abbey ruins  

[End Credit]

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De Wolfe Music 
Queen’s House 
180-182 Tottenham Court Road