Swinging UK

Registered: ​​7 July 1964
Duration: 28 minutes
Feet: ​2,520 
Board of Trade Certificate number: ​BR/E29621
Produced for: United Artists Corporation
Production Company: Harold Baim Productions Limited

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The first colour "music-videos" presented to cinema audiences with the first "V-J"s"! Eleven music tracks from the "Top of the Pops" of 1964 presented by Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew and Kent Walton ; featuring Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, The Four Pennies, Millie, The Migil Five The Mersey Beats and more! 

Presenters: Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew and Kent Walton
- The Cockneys singing "After Tomorrow"
- Brian Poole and The Tremeloes singing "Do You Love Me"
- The Four Pennies singing "Juliet" and "Running Scared"
- Millie singing "My Boy Lollipop" and "O Henry"
- The Migil Five singing "Mockingbird Hill" and "Have some fun tonight"
- The Whackers singing "Love or Money"
- The Mersey Beats singing "Fools Like Me" and "Don"t Turn Around"
Photographed in Eastmancolor by: Harry Orchard
Camera Operators: Alec Sheridan, Frank Ellis
Assistant to the Producer: Scott Marshall
Art Director: Wilfrid Woods
Make-Up: Jack Craig
Hair Stylist: Jayne Seymour
Assistant Director: John Bremer
Continuity: Joan Davis
Recordists: Cyril Brown, Geoffrey Latter, Tommy Mayer
Associates: Roy Tuvey, Maurice Sellar
Original Soundtracks: E.M.I., DECCA, PHILIPS, PYE.
Produced by: Harold Baim
Directed by: Frank Gilpin
RCA Sound Recording


The Cockneys sing “After Tomorrow”   

Voice over from Kent Walton:   Yes, its Swinging UK presenting The Whackers, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, The Four Pennies, Millie, The Migil Five, The Mersey Beats, Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew and this is yours sincerely Kent Walton kicking off the show. Brian Poole and The Tremeloes and their first number one smash…”  

Brian Poole and the Tremeloes sing “Do you Love Me”   

Alan Freeman: Hi Kent 
Kent Walton: Hi there Alan Freeman.  Tell me which group do you like best? 
Alan Freemen:  Tell you what Kent, you tell me who you like then I’ll tell you my favourites.
Kent Walton: You’ve got to be kidding I think they are all great.  Oh and talking of greats I’d like to take you over to one of the brightest young popsters on the scene today.
Alan Freemen: I’m ahead of you Kent; the girl that gave the lollipop new status… 
Alan Freemen and Kent Walton: Millie

Millie Small sings “My Boy Lollipop”   

Brian Matthew: Now Freeman and Walton are all very good in their own elderly way I suppose, maybe just a little bit [draws square with this fingers].  Well here’s a group we all rate pretty highly - The Whackers; just see and hear them punch out ‘Love or Money’.

The Whackers sing “Love or Money”   
Brian Matthew: That’s real gear from those lads of Liverpool, The Whackers, and now another Mersey-side-mob, The Mersey Beats move in to keep things swinging with ‘Fools Like Me’ .

The Mersey Beats sing “Fools Like Me”   

Kent Walton: The Migil Five, with an oldie that’s as famous as when they first recorded it.

The Migil Five sing “Mockingbird Hill”   

Alan Freemen: And right now, one of the really great top of the pops ‘Juliet’ from the Four Pennies.   

The Four Pennies sing “Juliet”  

Kent Walton: Well ‘Juliet’ held that Number One spot for a spell 
Alan Freemen: Certainly did Kent, and those Four Pennies are minting pennies from heaven 
Kent Walton: Oh Yes 
Alan Freemen:  Here’s another in their very own Hit Parade style ‘Running Scared’ 

The Four Pennies sing “Running Scared” 

Cut to:  Millie sings “Oh Henry!”   

Kent Walton: And now over to The Migil Five.

The Migil Five sing “Come on Baby, have some fun tonight”   

Kent Walton:  And raring to go is a group The Beatles thing are “gas” – the Mersey Beats; ‘Don’t Turn Around’  

The Mersey Beats sing “Don’t Turn Around”   

Kent Walton: See you soon

SCREEN TITLES: (over sound-track of The Cockneys ‘After Tomorrow’)   


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Group Song Duration Composer Publisher
The Cockneys   After Tomorrow 2.33 N/A N/A
Brian Poole & The Tremeloes Do You Love Me? 2.12 Gordy Jobete Music (UK)
Millie Small My Boy Lollipop 1.51 Roberts/Levy/Spencer EMI Music Publishing
The Whackers Love or Money 2.2 N/A N/A
The Mersey Beats Fools Like Me  2.4 Jack Clement / Murphy Maddux Universal
The Migil Five Mockingbird Hill 2.36 Horton Peermusic UK
The Four Pennies  Juliet 2.09 Fryer/Wilsh/Morton Intersong Music
The Four Pennies Running Scared 2.3 Orbison/Melson Rondor/Acuff Rose
Millie Small O Henry 1.46 Edwards/Millie TRO Essex Music
The Migil Five  Have some fun tonight 1.48 N/A N/A
The Mersey Beats Don’t Turn Around 2.07 Peter Lee Stirling Warner Bros 

All music should be cleared with 

De Wolfe Music 
Queen’s House 
180-182 Tottenham Court Road